The Wild-Hearted Way

A Three-Fold Journey

A journey of healing and transformation requires we do 3 things. Much like we used to do in the old days when we got lost on the road, we'd pull out the map and then...

  • Figure out where we are
  • Find the place we are wanting to go
  • Decide out how we want to get there

The Wild-Hearted Way is a 3-fold journey that takes you back to you. The roads are paved with ancient wisdom from around the world, with signposts along the way in the form of potent practices to support you. There are many trails -- each as unique as you -- guiding you on your journey back to you. 

These 3 folds, or focuses, aren't stages to be completed and then you get to say "I'm done!". They are focuses that work in harmony to cultivate the qualities and energy that support your desire for change, growth, and transformation. And, just like any journey, we recheck where we are and possibly change our route. 

The three folds of The Wild-Hearted Way are:

Coming Home To You (Figuring out where you are)

Change and transformation require inner awareness, spaciousness, and presence. So often we struggle to make the changes we desire because we no longer carry these qualities within us. After a lifetime of putting others first, and pushing through transitions and difficult emotions, a barrier has built up around our heart center - our "home". We end up moving through our days going from errand to errand and task to task. We've forgotten how to stop and take time, even make time for ourselves: time to recharge, time to re-energize, time to nourish our soul. We can't slow down enough on the inside to experience the joy that's available to us in the small moments of life.

For the first fold of The Wild-Hearted Way, you will play with practices that will gently guide you back to your heart center - the calm place within you that holds your wisdom, intuition, and personal truth. You will learn how to:

  • Find calm presence and stillness in any moment 
  • Slow down on the inside so you can slow down on the outside
  • Cultivate more presence and simple joy in your life

The word for this fold is Love. Love dissolves the barrier so that you can anchor to your heart center -- your compass -- and always find your way back "home".

Be The Heroine of Your Story (Finding where you want to go)

Self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-love; these are the qualities you'll cultivate on the second fold. With your new-found inner awareness, it's time to explore the places you make yourself small, and begin to shed the mantle of "not enough". Where do you tend to compare yourself to some imaginary version of who you think you're supposed to be? Where do you shrink back instead of standing in your truth?

The second fold is about coming into right relationship with yourself. You'll begin to explore the places you are working against yourself and the practices you'll play with will help you:

  • Cultivate loving self-acceptance for all of who you are
  • Claim your playful, curious, creative self
  • Become an ally to yourself and your own best friend

The word for this fold is Curiosity. Curiosity is the antidote to fear, and fear is what holds you back. By holding those fears in front of you, and being curious about what's there, you'll begin to let go of your self-judgments and limiting beliefs. Your mantra becomes "I am enough".

Embrace Your Journey (Finding your way there)

Now that you have a sense of where you are and where you want to be, it's time to chart your course. The final fold of The Wild-Hearted way is about commitment - a full-bodied commitment to yourself and your journey. It's about taking all the things you've collected so far and creating a new map. Just like explorers of old, you are on a journey and you are charting you way as you head to your destination. There will be twists and turns and there is no "one way" to get there.

On this third fold you will learn how to: 

  • Make yourself a priority in all areas of your life
  • Set clear intentions while letting go of outcomes
  • Experience more freedom by becoming more boundaried

The word for this final fold is Courage. Breaking out of your current ways of being takes courage. The agreements you've made, and the unconscious behaviors that have become habit, are what have kept you feeling "safe". It's going to take courage to stay with yourself and stand in your truth, regardless of what might come your way. The beautiful thing is, each time you honor yourself, you feel a little braver - and a whole lot better about yourself. The more you feel better about yourself, the more exciting the journey becomes!

Each fold, or focus, supports the other to help you empty your backpack of the things that are holding you back, ignite your will, and get excited about your journey of healing and self-discovery. They are your companions on your journey back home to you.

Getting to Know You

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