Cheryl Kane, founder of The Wild-Hearted Way: Spiritual practices for single women over 50.

Are You A Wild-Hearted Woman?

More than the sum of our choices...

The image of a wild-hearted woman came to me one day while I was meditating. I had been thinking about the women I most wanted to help. What is the shared story that connects me to the women who I could be the most help to? As I contemplated my journey, and the journeys of the women who have touched my life, I saw a common thread of self-discovery through trial and error, and a resulting painful past. These women shine so brightly! Not despite their experiences, but because of their experiences. Yet, they didn't all see themselves in this way. Woven into this common thread was a struggle with self-judgement by comparing themselves to some standard they could never be comfortable in. I certainly had struggled with this.

The image of a "wild-hearted woman" began to surface…

To me, a wild-hearted woman is one who, despite her experience(s) of emotional pain, still carries within her a soft and loving heart. She is strong & courageous, intuitive, and not a little bohemian; which all serves to send her onto a path of self-discovery. A repeated theme seems to be finding herself face first into the dirt, looking up declaring "again?". Because of her wild-heart, it's not in her to carry anger & resentment inside her so her journey of rising strong runs deeper than simply figuring out how to move on. And when she's through to the other side, she has a clearer sense of self and a stronger sense of purpose. And, in so doing, is an inspiration to others. 

But she struggles to see herself the way other women see her…

I know there was a time I wasn't able to celebrate my strengths. I could only see my perceived failures. As I continued to judge myself for my choices, I remained hooked by the past which kept me stuck in the present. My soul felt heavy and I struggled to find purpose in life, disconnected from my sense of self. I felt I had lost my way and needed to find my way back to ME. It wasn't until I embraced my journey that healing and transformation began to happen.

The Wild-Hearted Way is the path I stepped onto that carried me back to me. It is a map with many roads that lead to the same place: YOU. It is paved in spiritual practices from around the world and supported by practical day-to-day guideposts to help you cultivate a loving relationship with yourself through self-acceptance, curiosity, and purpose.

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