Meet Me Under The Tree


A Gathering of Wild-Hearted Women

Under The Tree is a free online women's circle that gathers on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm Central time on Zoom. At each gathering we will:

  • Explore a teaching or practice that can support you on your journey.
  • Learn how to use the teaching or practice in day-to-day life.
  • Connect with other wild-hearted women by sharing how what we learned will make a difference for us with any current challenges we are working through.

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Sharing these teachings with you is part of my journey towards the woman I am meant to be. There will be no "offer" at the end. I simply want to share with you teachings and practices that have helped me to do more than just heal from a painful past. They’ve helped me truly transform who I am on the inside and continue to be my handrails when the path gets bumpy or I start to lose my way. 

Sneak a peek into a recent gathering where we explored the connection between creativity and getting unstuck: 

 Curious about where the idea of Under The Tree comes from? Click Here 

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A Fun and Creative Way to Get Unstuck

Here's an excerpt from one gathering where we explored the connection between an idea of defeating age through the creativity we bring to our life, how getting creative with the ways we move through life can pulling us out of a rut, and how that can help us feel younger and more alive.

The Background for Under The Tree

Let me tell you a story….

There was once a woman who was apprenticing with the village wise-woman. There came a day when the wise-woman said to her: "It’s time". 

“Time for what?”, she asked. 

“Time to go sit beneath the tree”, the wise-woman answered.

"And do what?", the apprentice asked. 

“You will see”, was all the answer she received.

So the apprentice left the cottage and went out to the tree that sat just up the hill from a curve in the dirt road that passed the wise-woman’s hut. She sat there until sundown then went home. Each morning she returned to the tree and sat, watching the passers by, and wondering what she was doing there. Eventually passers by starting acknowledging her with a wave, having realized the was there everyday. Then one day, someone waved, then came walking up the hill and sat down...

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