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Are You A Wild-Hearted Woman?

A Modern Archetype

I believe a wild-hearted woman is one who, despite her experiences of emotional pain, still carries within her a soft and loving heart. At her core she is strong & courageous, intuitive & creative, inspiring, and a little bohemian. Her drive for more than the status quo sends her onto a path of self-discovery; which usually entails some deliberate exploring and a fair amount of wandering. When faced with emotional pain, it is her wild-heart that allows her to move through the experience and come out the other side with a clearer sense of self and a stronger sense of purpose; and, in so doing, is an inspiration to  others.

The challenge we face as wild-hearted women in today's world is we can become hooked by the past through unhealed wounds and stuck in the present by self-judgement and comparison to others. Our choices and experiences create a wide range of emotions we often don't have the tools to work through them or the luxury of time & space to learn how. In order to move on & function we shut down our emotions. Each time we do this we get further away from ourselves, our heart center, our truth, our wisdom.

A Mentor

It's not easy being a wild-hearted woman in the modern world. If you feel weighed down by your past and feel stuck in the present, I can help. Working with a mentor can get you on the path towards where you want to be. I've been there myself and the methods I teach are the ones that helped me heal past wounds, find my way home to myself, and live life more fully. 

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Helping Women Embrace Their Journey

My Calling

To help wild-hearted women find meaning & purpose in their lives through embracing their journey to build a healthy relationship with themselves and become the heroine in their story.

My Dream

In my dream wild-hearted women no longer compare themselves to others or look back on their choices and see themselves as failures. They recognize their role as an inspiration for other women and in so doing shine brighter than before.

My Journey

After yet another in a series of life events I have come to call "The Great Upheavals", I found myself in scary and unfamiliar territory. Through my healing journey I discovered the calling of my heart which led to the creation of The Wild-Hearted Way

Be The Heroine of Your Story


Welcome - I'm so glad you stopped by...

I'm Cheryl Kane. I help women in transition who are looking to find meaning and create change in their life. Inspired by wisdom & self-healing practices from around the world combined with modern psychology, I teach ways to deal with difficult emotions, build a new relationship with ourselves, and find meaning & purpose by changing our story. I share the very techniques I've used to over the years to navigate periods of transition.


The Wild-Hearted Way

In order to move forward the first step we must take is inward; to find our way back to ourselves. By turning our attention to ourselves we can release the hooks of the past, create a sense of purpose, and heal. Becoming self-focused when we are struggling can be difficult, it helps when we find a way to Embrace Our Journey.


Embrace Your Journey

By embracing our journey we shift our perspective and step out of self-judgment and comparison towards being the heroine of our story.  In so doing we begin to reclaim our power and our sense of self. 

Doses of Wisdom & Guidance

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How To Reach Me

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