Are You a Wild-Hearted Woman?

Has your life been one of changes and upheavals, full of stories of having to pick yourself up and start all over again (and again)? Have you reached that point in your life when the kids are grown (or mostly), your time is more your own, and you're realizing you've lost yourself through partnerships and motherhood, running a household and raising kids -- all while working full-time to support yourself and your family?


Many a woman heading into (or already in) the 2nd stage of life finds her journey turning back towards herself. In the new-found spaciousness, she's trying to get back to who she really is. But, after years spent pushing her emotions down, putting others first, and "soldiering on" through transition after transition, she's struggling to slow down enough to be present and feel connected to herself.

This is the purpose of The Wild-Hearted Way: to help women like you become your staunchest ally so that you can come back home to yourself; to help you reclaim the parts of you that have been left behind, while shedding the weight of your past that is holding you back from becoming the woman you want to be.

The Wild-Hearted Way

The Wild-Hearted Way is the path I stepped onto that carried me back to me. It is a map with many roads that leads to the same place: YOU. It is paved with spiritual practices from around the world and supported by practical day-to-day guideposts to help you reclaim a loving relationship with yourself; through self-acceptance, playful curiosity, and purpose.

Specializing In:

Getting Unstuck


Do you feel like you could be 

doing more with your life? 

When we struggle to make the changes we desire it's because we've become disconnected from ourselves. Working with a spiritual life coach can bring you back home to you. Let's create a plan to help you commit to you while developing practices & new habits that can get you moving in the direction you want to go.

Freedom From The Past


Do you feel the weight of the past tugging on your soul?  

We often think we've moved on after difficult transitions; but sometimes we've just figured out how to function. Learn how to clear the echoes of the past and create a bridge from where you are today to where you want to be. 

Difficult Transitions


  Are you struggling with  

a major life event? 

It's important we support ourselves in a loving way & make room for the growth that comes with change. Learn powerful tools to give you the support you need to help you through this challenging time with a spiritual life coach as your guide to light your way.

Weekly Words of Wisdom Just For You

Explore potent tools and teachings with a spiritual life coach to support you on your journey!

What My Clients Are Saying...

Boundaries = Freedom

 I reached out to Cheryl Kane because I was struggling in my relationship. I loved my partner & believed he was a good man, but I felt so small on the inside I didn't recognize myself. Cheryl helped me learn to honor my boundaries and ask for what I need. The more I did this, the stronger and more myself I started feel. And, the more I was able to see how my partner was unable to love me in the way I needed him to. I am so grateful to Cheryl for reminding me that I am the most important person in my life. I have a new-found commitment to myself to make sure I am taking care of me.

- Anna L.

Finding My Voice Again

I arranged for a session with Cheryl Kane as I was struggling with an issue around "speaking my truth" and knew that the root of this lay in a past event. Cheryl guided me & held me in a safe space to explore this, taking me through the "The Warrior Heart Practice" to help me release and resolve an old trauma of the past surrounding this issue. I felt very held and supported by Cheryl throughout the session. By the end I felt a real sense of lightness, being free of my past and more connected to my true self than ever before. I felt a whole new confidence in speaking my truth and have since arranged a series of workshops with no sense of the old fears coming up about speaking. I feel very grateful to Cheryl for her love, support and encouragement to find my voice once again! - Carolina K, Holistic Therapist, NZ

Making Me a Priority

   It feels so good to finally be able to say "no" and ask for what I need! I used to put everyone else's needs or desires before mine and I was really unhappy. Cheryl's teachings helped me understand why this happens, and now I'm learning how to check-in with myself and make the right decision for me. As a spiritual life coach, her insights gave me the courage to finally do something about a situation at work that had been bringing me down and I feel so much better about myself for having done it! Side benefit? I’m now working out 3 hours a week during office hours!
- Janet R.

Results after just 1 session!

Working with Cheryl is the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time! After just the 1st session I started feeling more calm and more connected with myself. Before working with Cheryl, everything felt so chaotic and scattered. Now I feel more present with myself and I am able to catch myself when things start to get blurry and am able to bring myself home. This has helped me be my best self during stressful times and stay with myself instead of letting myself down.

- Mandy S.

Living From My Happy Place

For the first time in more years that I can count, I am experiencing more joy in my life and appreciating the little moments that connect the bigger picture. Before working with Cheryl, I felt stressed out and I wasn't taking the time to just breathe and enjoy life first & foremost. Now I am reminded to enjoy my life to the fullest and not stress on the little details. Thanks to Cheryl's wise guidance and helpful tips, I've learned to check in with myself on a regular basis and I know how to let go when I'm getting wound up to reclaim my happy self. 

- Peg

Confidence and Clarity

I've always considered myself to be a confident woman, now I truly feel it in my bones! The day I met with Cheryl Kane, I was questioning myself on my dream to start a small business. The questions she asked, and the answers I gave, created a confidence in myself I didn't know I was missing. Through my work with her, I see myself as the confident woman I truly am. The invisible barrier of self-doubt is gone and I'm charging full-speed ahead to realize my dream.

- Trina R.

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